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Privacy Policy Statement

In case that Participants -exhibitors, visitors, and other concerned parties- acquire personal information through this exhibition, Participants shall observe the Personal Information Protection Law and related laws and regulations.

1. Provision and Purpose of Collecting Personal Information

  • A. Messe K Co., Ltd., Organizer of the exhibition, shall collect and use personal information of Participants for the purpose of establishing and implementing contracts for the provision of services (Identification, Confirmation, etc.), announcing(providing) new services, exhibitions, or events, and managing Participants.
  • B. Organizer advertises a variety of services by e-mail, Short Message Service, and so on, using personal information provided by Participants. In case that Participant do not want it, the Participant shall inform Organizer of its refusal by telephone.
  • C. Organizer shall not use personal information for any other purpose except for Provision and Purpose of Collecting Personal Information or offer it without the consent of Participants.
  • D. Provision of collecting personal information is below. Organizer shall collect personal information at a minimum to provide services, but can request additional information if it is necessary. Organizer is provided following information as requirements in case of online application and pre-registration. Other personal information except for below one is optional.
    - Exhibitor(Company): Name, Company name, Position, Telephone number, Cellular phone number, E-mail
    - Visitor: Name, Cellular phone number, E-mail
  • E. Organizer must gain consent in case of collecting personal information, and must not collect information having a risk of violating basic human rights -race, native place, ideology, political orientation, criminal record, health condition, etc.- unless Participants’ consent or specific case by law.
  • F. Organizer collects personal information in following ways; web site, telephone, e-mail, online application, online pre-registration, onsite registration card, applying for on/offline event.

2. Providing Personal Information with a Third Party and Consignment

  • A. Organizer can consign personal information to a third party in order to provide improved services.
  • B. Organizer can consign management of personal information to a company operating registration of the exhibition.
  • C. In case of consignment, providing personal information shall be minimum for necessary for providing improved services.
  • D. In the following cases that Exhibitor is provided personal information, Exhibitor shall use it only for introduction of Exhibitors’ company and guidance of its product.
    - In case that Visitor with pass card provides its information
    - In case that Participant pre-registers on the Exhibition website through a banner of an Exhibitor’s company