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Exhibitor List

Biometrix Technology Inc.

Booth no. B01

Company Introduction

BMT established in 2000, is a biochip and biomembrane company. The company mainly provides infectious pathogens inspection products, including sexually trasmitted disease, human papilloma virus (HPV), drug-resistant tuberculosis, hepatitis B/C virus and SNP inspection products, as well as several cancer maker inspection products and cardiovascular disease marker inspection products.

Exhibits Profile

? DNA detection kits provide early detection of viral or bacterial infection by genotyping or SNP discrimination with PCR reaction. (HPV kit and STD kit)
? DNA product provide more information about infection status such as drug resistance-associated mutation and genotypes which help to select suitable drug to patient. (HBV, HCV, Tuberculosis)
? Heart health care management and Cancer screening

Exhibits Feature

? IVD and medical device
? All DNA or Protein detection kit's reaction time is under 1 hour.
? All Kits use same platform. According to size of laboratory, manual or automated machine can be selected.