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Exhibitor List

D&S Technology Co., Ltd.

Booth no. G02

Company Introduction

Our company was established in 1989. We provide with project proposal, project management, system installation and maintenance for physical security systems. We manufacture RoadBlock and Under Vehicle Surveillance System.It were installed in Korea embassies, Local government buildings, Nuclear power plants, and Korean military army, air force, navy and many more than 200 locations around the world

Exhibits Profile

Our RoadBlock System defends against rushing vehicle just in a second with our own technology. It can be continuous and repeatable operation at ordinar times and it has been passed the US DoD crash test for ASTM M50/P1.Under Vehicle Surveillance System is a system for surveillance to find hidden and prohibited goods in real time by scan image of the vehicle precisely and clearly.

Exhibits Feature

1. RoadBlock
- Higher speed to lift and lower just in a second superior to competitors’ 3 - 5 seconds.
- Continuous and repeatable operation at ordinary times, and also after crash.
- Provides with a clear image of the vehicle’s undercarriage both in day and night.
- Automatic recognition system scans and compares past and current images of the same vehicle by LPR system.