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Exhibitor List

CDS SE Co., Ltd

Booth no. K05

Company Introduction

CDS SE Co., Ltd. is
Environmentally friendly Technology oriented Customer oriented- CO2 reduction - Unique CDS combustion - Guaranteed quality- Efficient conversion of technology - Best A/S(on top any kind of combustion - Eco-friendly, high notch service) waste to energy efficiency products - Realization of custo- mer satisfaction

Exhibits Profile

Power Plants, Steam supply plants, Industrial combustors, Special melting furnaces(custom-made furnaces :furnaces for urban mines, etc.), Organic sludge treatment plants, Medical waste incinerators, Combustors for wood boilers, Incinerators for domestic/ industrial/agricultural and fisheries wastes,
Steam supply plants, Dryers etc.

Exhibits Feature

The combustion air flow into the CDS combustor with the very strong centrifugal motion. During the turbulent flow, the combustion air is preheated up to about 500℃. The Preheated air enables the flame temperature as high as 1,800℃. It ("air-curtain' effect) keeps the combustor wall cool enough to be touched
● Major Characteristics
Air-Curtain Effect
In spite of the high flame temperature