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Exhibitor List

AXIA Materials Co., LTD.

Booth no. E04

Company Introduction

Our composite housing solutions bring high energy efficiency, quick & easy construction, less dependency on skilled labor. Our projects are in Europe, USA, and USA Military projects for high end building as well as affordable housings. All our materials are VOC free, eco-friendly, and qualified for low CO2 and low Green House Gas solutions. We already achieved IBC (International Building Code)

Exhibits Profile

Our composite housing solution, Pixel Haus, is exhibited together with smart energy management system from our partner, "Gridwz". Pixel Haus is composed with advanced composite materials. It brings high energy efficient and sustainable building solutions with affordable and long life cycle.

Exhibits Feature

High mechanical strength, high insulation, and large dimension composite panel (LitePan) will be exhibited. LitePan helps to achieve quick & easy construction, earthquake and hurricane free structure, long life cycle house solutions. It is more price competitive than other building solutions by local production and by local people building process.