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Exhibitor List


Booth no. C07

Company Introduction

Dongyu Lee Iron Academy is the first Iron Perm class in Republic of Korea and
we have world best technology. We made and manufactured the ceramic plasma Iron
devices based on our experimental and technology. We even patented it. We are
training students and distributing it worldwide.

Exhibits Profile

27 kinds of plasma process Dongju Irons
Multi earplugs
Hair Wave Acid Perm NK
Electric Premium Natural Wave perm
NK10 treatment
DRT treatment
NK Ceramide treatment
Saint Protein treatment

Exhibits Feature

The founder of Ceramic Iron Perm “Lee Dongju Iron Academy” Our Academy Training is totally different from the basic! Now the iron is not a choice, it’s the requirement.

Plasma technology which developed from Russian Spatial Center and it’s patented Iron Perm.