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Booth no. G02

Company Introduction

Luminous ideas for universal communications 'DAEWOO LUCOMS'
DAEWOOLUCOMS is an IT company that provides valuable communication between ‘Customers and Customers’, ‘Customers and Companies’, Customers and Products’ and ‘Customers and Services’ through unique, creative ideas.

Exhibits Profile

The Daewoo Lucom's monitor is a modern and minimalistic monitor with well combined use of a slim bezel and a simple arc-ring type body. The ultra-slim inner bezel provides users with a wider screen view compared to conventional monitors, and it allows users to easily and quickly operate them with the simple use of front touch menu button.

Exhibits Feature

Solotop series with simple appearance are designed to integrate newly innovative technology and to reflect new trend of characteristics. The structure of each product is made especially with same materials for uniformity of subtle design. These are new desktop series with fresh design satisfying the demands of integration for segmentation on the market of public sector.