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Exhibitor List

Caravan Engineered Structures, Inc.

Booth no. D05

Company Introduction

UN Prime contractor made a contract with UN over 200 million US dollars.
Prefabricated tent & house, Hanger, H2P Emergency Shelter, Emergency Food, Desert Refugee Camp with Agricultural Greenhouse, Non-biological Wastewater Solution and etc.
Especially developed the EHC(Exoskeleton H-Beam Concreting) Speedy & Strong construction method for large affordable house construction purpose.

Exhibits Profile

1. Double-gazed vacuum greenhouse with heat-cut function: Next generation greenhouse. Functionally price stands about USD1,000/sq.meter but supply about USD180/sq.meter.
2. H2P Emergency Shelter (Transitional house): Prefabricated Shelter. Can be a permanent house with concrete pouring. double wall with solar panel & lighting. Special price of USD975/set.
3. Emergency Sprout Food

Exhibits Feature

Next generation glass with Heat-cut function