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Exhibitor List

E Green Global Co., Ltd.

Booth no. J04

Company Introduction

E Green Global is an agri-tech company that successfully commercialized ‘Lab to Farm’ platform technology which enables direct planting of high-quality seed potatoes produced in plant factories. EGG successfully introduced its platform technology in China and the US where it is currently supplying high-quality seed potatoes to the most prominent agriculture/processing companies.

Exhibits Profile

Potato, being cultivated in over 140 nations, has been recognized as one of the world’s four food crops. It also has been selected by the UN as the important food crops that will resolve famine and contribute to global food security. Use of high-quality seed potato is crucial in the potato industry. However, many countries are facing shortage of seed due to the absence of seed production system.

Exhibits Feature

EGG microtubers (bean-sized seed potato) are mass produced in sterile plant factories. Vigorous microtubers can be planted directly in the open field which eliminates many limitations the current systems have (i.e. long production cycle, seed shortage, quarantine, logistics and etc.). Furthermore, its plant factory system is easily expandable and adaptable, thus, can be easily exported overseas.