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Exhibitor List

Dot Incorporation

Booth no. G04

Company Introduction

Our CEO, Eric Kim noticed that - out of 285 million Blind and Visually Impaired people around the world, only about 5% were in access to braille devices, With our vision, and after 2 years of development, we were successful in developing our own braille cell technology that is 1/20 in size and 1/10 in price to piezo-electric type cells in the braille device market.

Exhibits Profile

The Dot Watch is a wearable device that displays texts in Braille (and its many versions) on the watch-face. It is completely practical and easy-to-use. The Dot Watch is a smart watch with four refreshable braille cells as the display. It can connect to the phone via bluetooth. It has the basic functions of a smart watch and it can receive all push notifications that the phone receives all content

Exhibits Feature

As its first application of our new technology, the world's very first, smart braille watch - the Dot Watch - is now available in English and Korean languages, and our team is working tirelessly for the pending global launch this November.