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Exhibit Category

  • Planet and Clean Environment
  • Products
    Clean Cooking Stove, Photovoltaic Waste Bins, Electrolytic Water Purification device, etc.
    Environmental Treatment Systems
    Waste RemovalㆍRecycling System, Water Treatment System, Agricultural Water Treatment System, Water Purifciation System, Sewage Treatment System, etc.
    Techonology and Research
    Biotechnology, Wasted Refrigerant Treatment Technology, Environmental Impact Assessment, Household Garbage Power Plant Project, etc.
    Analyzing and Processing of Information
    Meteorological Observation Solution, Water Quality Analysis Kit, Automatic Weather Observation equipment, Disaster AnalysisㆍMonitoring Solution, Climate Analysis, etc.

  • Health and Medical Treatment
  • Medical Diagnosis
    Ultrasonic Diagnostic Tools, Diagnostic Kits, Optometer, Diagnostic Applications, etc.
    Healthcare Products and Service
    Maternity Kits, Vaccine Carrier, Portable Incubator, Drug Injector, Medicines, etc.
    Prevention of Disease
    Mosquito Net, Vaccine, Virus Prevention Kits, etc.
    Hygiene Devices
    Water Decontamination Goods, Water Purifier, Rainwater Storage Tank, Menstrual Cup, etc.

  • Education
  • Educational Support
    Educational Facilities, Rebuilding of School Project, etc.
    Educational Devices
    Portable PC, Educational Tablet, Books, School Supplies, etc.
    Educational Service and Institution
    Training Solutions, Vocational Training, Technology Development Training, Educational Institutions, Volunteer Organizations for Education, Teacher Training Project, etc.

  • Agriculture and Smart Farming
  • Agriculture and Livestock MachineryㆍFacilities
    Machines & Euipment : Agricultural Machinery, Livestock Machinery, Drones, Unmanned Helicopters, etc.
    Facilities : Grain Storage Facilities, etc.
    Agriculture and Livestock Technology
    Farming & Cultivation : Farming, ResearchㆍManufacturing Fertilizer, Land Cultivation Techniques, Seed Develompnet Technology, etc.
    Management : Livestock Management System, Ainwater Storage System, Disaster Detection System, etc.
    Data Acquisition & Analysis : Technology of Spatial Data Measurement, Technology of Data Analysis, etc.
    Products and Service
    Products : Feed, Additive, Animal Medicine, Vaccine, etc.
    Service : Consulting Service for Agriculture, etc.
    Related Institutions : Agricultural Research Institution, Technical Development, etc.
    Gene Banks

  • Energy
  • Power Generation Station
    Construction : Solar PanalㆍPower Plant Construction, Wind Power Plant Construction, Photovoltaic System Construction, etc.
    Generator & Products : Solar Panel, Wind Generator, Industrial Battery, Self-generator, etc.
    Technology and Service
    Clean & Renewable Energy Technology, Energy Technology Educational Institution, Energy Storage System, Energy Research Center, etc.

  • Sustainable City and Housing
  • Housing
    Construction & Design : Modular Housing, Building Construction, Emergency Relief Temporary Residence, Other Prefabrication in Smart Technology, etc.
    Construction Materials : Insulation, InteriorㆍExterior Materials, Sustainable Eco-friendly Building Materials, etc.
    System & Technology : Technology of Manufacturing and Processing Building Materials, Technology of Improving Houses, Earth Construction Technique, Consulting Service, etc.
    Public Goods : Solar Street Light, etc.
    Household Items : Solar Lantern, Heating Tent, etc.
    Public Procurement : Public Procurement related Products
    Resource Procurement : Resource Procurement related Products

Thematic Pavillion

  • Creating Shared Value(CSV)
  • Sustainable Development, Companies which build CSV

  • Civil Society & Public Institution
  • Nonprofit Organization, Non-governmental Organization, Organization related to Sustainable Development, Government Organization promoting Sustainable Development Policy, Organizations related Procurement, Consulting Company related Procurement, etc.

  • ICT Convergence
  • 5G Mobile Communications, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics, Autonomous Car, IoT, 3D Printing, Big Data , etc.