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Exhibit Category

  • Education
  • Education (General Education, Professional Education, High-End Technology Education, Educational Support, Vocational Training, Vocational Competency Development, etc.)
    Educational Support (Educational Institution·Facilities Construction, E-learning Support Project, Educational Voluntary Organization, etc.)
    Educational Devices (Educational Contents, Educational Software, Educational App, etc.)
    Educational Exports (Educational Program by industry, Study Model Consulting Business, etc.)

  • Health & Medical
  • Medical Facilities Construction (Modern Smart Hospital, Public Hospital Reconstruction, Medical Environment Total Solution, etc.)
    Medical Equipment & Products (Medical Devices, Medicine and Medical Supplies, Medical Care Kits, ICT Medical Devices, etc.)
    Medical Education and Support (Educational and Training of Medical Institution, Medical Educational Contents, Safety and Health Education, Emergency·Rehabilitation·Welfare Support Center, etc)
    Water Management (Drinking Water Supply Technology · Facilities, Water Purifier and Services, Drinking Water Development System, Hygiene Education, etc.)
    Products and Services for Disabilities (Diagnosis of Disability and Treatment, Rehabilitation Equipment, Nursing and Medical Services, etc.)
    Vulnerable Social Groups Welfare Services (Welfare for the Elderly, Low-income Support, Women Support, Welfare Facility Management, etc.)

  • Food & Agriculture
  • Technologies (Eco-Friendly Farming, Seed Development, Agricultural · Fishery Production and Distribution System, Weather Observation Solution, Disaster Detection System, Plant Quarantine, etc.)
    Products and Services (Varieties, Pesticides, Fertilizers, Agricultural Machinery and Agricultural·Fishery Distribution Network, etc.)
    Education and Supports (Agricultural·Fishery Research Institution, Food·Agricultural Education and Training Center)
    Smart Farm (ICT Convergence·Integration Business, IoT Track Data Collection Technology, Big Data Technology, Agriculture·Fishery Smart Machines and Equipment, etc.)

  • Sustainable City
  • Environment (Improvement Projects and Products for Climate Change, Eco-Friendly Technology and Products, etc.)
    Energy (Renewable Energy Development, Heating·Improving Thermal Efficiency System and Products, Small Power Grid System Development, Institution of Energy Technology Education, etc.)
    Infrastructure (Traffic, Roads, Rails, Shipment, Water Supply and Drainage System, ICT Institution, Residential Facilities – Improvement Business and Design·Construction·Materials·Technology·Products, etc.)
    ICT (National Geographic Informaiton System Development, Eemergency Relief System Development, Government Administrative Network Development, Smart City Solution Operations, etc.)

Thematic Pavilion

  • Cooperation
  • Promotion for Government Agencies, Corporates, and NGOs participating in the Public-Private Partnership(PPP), Promotion for ODA, Promotion for Institutions and Corporates implementing Sustainable Development and Creating Shared Value(CSV), Promotion for other Public Services