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Title [NEWS]MOU Signing Ceremony between Korea G-Pass Association and STS&P 2019 Organizing Committee
Date 2019.05.28 Hit 1973
Link 1 https://www.yna.co.kr/view/AKR20190522108400848?input=1195m

MOU Signing Ceremony between Korea G-Pass Association and STS&P 2019 Organizing Committee


G-PASS협회 강원식 회장(왼쪽)과 STS&P 조직위 유경의 수석부위원장이 지난 21일 업무협약식 후 기념촬영을 하고 있다.



Korea G-Pass Company Export Promotion Association(president wonsik kang) signed
MOU with STS&P(on Smart technology for sustainable development & procurement) 2019 organizing committee at Suwon Convention Center.

Wonsik Kang, President of G-Pass association, and David Yoo, Vice president of STS&P 2019 organizing committee, attended and agreed to cooperate  STS&P 2019 conference&exhibition.

STS&P is holding this event for the third time for this year. It is an international event which helps domestic companies enter the new market, also will be held at Suwon Convention Center from 21st.Oct to 23rd. which approved and supported by UNOPS.

STS&P 2019 organizing committee and G-Pass Association will cooperate to make
opportunities which domestic SMEs and ventures advance to UN & Multilateral Development Bank procurement market.
Also, they will make STS&P 2019 conference&exhibition internationally suitable event by understanding the global organization's need and their preference for products and services through UNOPS.  

Wonsik Kang said, "STS&P 2019 will be a great opportunity for SMEs marketing to UN and Global Organization's procurement officers" and "G-Pass Company Export Promotion Association will support SMEs by providing chances so SMEs can propose co-project to UN and Global Organizations" he added.


Source: Yonhap News(22nd. May. 2019)

Original Text: https://www.yna.co.kr/view/AKR20190522108400848?input=1195m

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