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Title [STS&P 2018] Interview with Ms. Grete Faremo, Executive Direcor of UN and Secretary General of UNOPS
Date 2018.10.17 Hit 2619



“Korean Enterprises need to pay more attention to the UN’s various international projects with an export opportunity of 20 trillion KRW.


Ms. Grete Faremo, secretary general of UN and the executive director of UNOPS mentioned that we have to pay attention to ‘Good Business’ that can export and contribute to international community. The UNOPS, which was established in 1974 is conducting various projects that is process by the UN with 193 countries’ financial contribution. It also serves as procurement agency such as purchasing major products from UN and under agencies. After served as a Norway Minister of Energy and Justice and Public Security, she moved to UN on 2014.



▲ Ms. Grete Faremo, Executive Direcor of UN and Secretary General of UNOPS



This visit is to prepare for ‘Exhibition·Conference on Smart Technology for Sustainable Development & Procurement(STS&P 2018)’ which will be held on Nov. 28(Wed.) ~30 (Fri.). STS&P 2018 is the event that is co-hosted by UNOPS and STS&P 2018 Organizing Committee that connects small and medium-sized enterprises and international procurement director.


She said that “UNOPS is the only UN organization that spend money to procure about 18 billion dollars~19 billion dollars (about 20 trillion KRW) of products annually.” She adviced that “If Korea Companies want to participate in the UN Procurement Market, register on UNGM first.”


When a company register on the United Nations Global Marketplace(UNGM), the company will get an opportunity to bid on UN Projects. After selected, they will be linked to a person in charge of purchasing products. In UNGM there are 13,677 companies in the worldwide, but only 1.8% of Korean companies(about 243 companies) are registered. Korean Enterprises who participated in UN procurement last year is about 230 billion KRW and 1.1 percent of market share. It is lower than 2 percent(2.4 trillion KRW) that Korea pays to the UN.


She said that “there are many opportunities to participate in the UN Procurement Market that we are conducting the various of projects such as build infrastructure and supply vaccine and medical devices.” Also added that the outstanding technologies of Korean companies can contribute to the international community.




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