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Title [STS&P 2018] Interview with Sanjay Mathur
Date 2018.08.28 Hit 547



Interview with Sanjay Mathur



Sanjay Mathur, UNOPS Asia Regional Director, is explaining about SDGs and ‘STS&P2018.’ 2018. Aug. 21st


Sanjay Mathur, UNOPS Asia Regional Director, visited Korea to support and advertise ‘2018 Exhibition and Conference on Smart Technology for Sustainable Development & Procurement.’ This event will be held at Ilsan KINTEX from Nov 28th~30th for implementation of Sustainable Development Goals. STS&P Organizing Committee and United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) will host this event. Directors of Procurement from UN and its subsidiaries, OECD, DAC, and ODA have been invited to this event.



“United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) is an operational arm of the United Nations, specialized in procurement and project management. UNOPS is located in Bangkok, Thailand and we are planning to set up a branch in Korea as well. Our projects do not cover all 17 goals of SDGs but, we are implementing SDGs through governments from a lot of countries and organizations and manage infrastructure procurement system in developing countries. UNOPS implements more than 1.1 billion USD worth of projects annually and has about 11,000 products which are being delivered to more than 80 countries.”


Difficulties while implementing SDGs

“Some of the countries that we cooperate with are having difficulties in terms of receptive capacity, executive ability, and technical skills. UNOPS is putting lots of effort as partner to solve these problems.”


Ways for Korean enterprises to make profit while implementing SDGs.

“UNOPS have been fulfilling SDGs, cooperating with various countries worldwide. There are a lot of opportunities you can find in UN system. ‘STS&P 2018,’ is an opportunity to explore how small companies or startup companies can cooperate with UN and make profit. Their advanced technology and capacity take a very important role in maintaining projects.


Is it hard for Korean Companies to register in UNGM? And what are the steps to increase companies’ participation in UNGM?

Registering in UNGM is a very basic step. There are the things that enterprises must know before registering in UNGM. First, marketing should be done. Company should set a goal of which country they are targeting to explore a product. And that country should be able to recognize its product through marketing. Second, companies should know exactly what UN do. Find the organization who you want to work with, and then prepare accordingly. Furthermore, more information should be collected about the countries(governments) or institutions in which your technology and products are applicable. To make process easier, my recommendation for those companies is to cooperate with your government and ministry of foreign affairs and trade. ‘STS&P 2018’ will be very helpful to gather information about how to participate in UN project and seek for an opportunity to participate in UN Global Marketplace.


What are the effects of ‘STS&P 2018’ to ODA projects and SDGs implementation?

“It would be hard for citizens and companies to recognize 17 goals of SDGs all at once. However, this event will have a lot of effect on raising awareness of UN and SDGs. In my opinion, this event will have great effects on providing information of Korean enterprises to UN agencies and Non-government organizations.




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