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Terms & Conditions

ARTICLE 1) Definitions

  • 1. 『Exhibitor』 means any company, entity or individual who submitted registration application to participate in this exhibition event for the purpose of exhibiting.
  • 2. 『Exhibition』 means 『International Exhibition on Smart Technology for Sustainable & Procurement 2019(STS&P 2019)』 event.
  • 3. 『Organizer』 shall mean Messe K Co., Ltd.』.

ARTICLE 2) Participant’s application to the exhibition event

  • 1. Application to participate in the exhibition event as exhibitor shall be submitted in the prescribed registration form to the organizer.
  • 2.Exhibitor shall pay initial 50% of participation fee as exhibition contract deposit to establish exhibition contract within 5days after receiving invoice. However, in case organizer has oversold exhibition spaces or in case organizer decides that particular items of an applicant to be exhibited is not suitable for the event, organizer may refuse registration. Also, organizer, within 15 days from date of applicant’s registration, may cancel the registration and refund contract deposit already paid-in.

ARTICLE 3) Allocation of exhibition spaces

  • 1. Organizer shall have the authority to allocate exhibition spaces to each (participating) exhibitor, according to the order of applications or by discretion. Exhibitor has no right to intervene.
  • 2. Organizer shall have the right to change the position and size of exhibition space allocated to a particular exhibitor by mutual discussion at any time prior to commencement of exhibition build-up period. The exhibitor, unless there is an unavoidable cause to remain at the original allocated space, agrees to cooperate to change above details.

ARTICLE 4) Management of exhibition spaces

  • 1. Exhibitor shall manage its exhibition booth in the way to provide the best exhibition service, by exhibiting proper exhibit items designated on its participation registration and staffing the space with permanently stationed personnel.
  • 2. In case exhibitor exhibit items un-identical to those designated on registration application, or not suitable for the exhibition event, organizer may immediately order to stop, remove or take out the items from the venue. In this case, organizer will not refund participation fee and exhibitor shall have no right to claim compensation for damages.
  • 3. If necessary, organizer may limit a particular person’s access to the exhibition venue. Exhibitor shall not transfer or resale the exhibition spaces to a third party or exchange, all or part of the allocated exhibition spaces with other exhibitors, without written consent from organizer in advance.
  • 4. Exhibitor shall not affect alteration of the original state of the exhibition venue -floor, ceiling, pillar, wall, etc.- by painting, nailing, etc. In case of any damage, exhibitor shall compensate properly for exhibition venues pursuant to restoration request by organizer.
  • 5. Organizer may selectively limit particular exhibit items or prohibit act of exhibiting for the purpose of maintenance of orderly and safe management and prevention of behaviors susceptible to social criticism in the venue.

ARTICLE 5) Payment terms of participation fee

  • 1. Exhibitor shall pay in 50% of registration fee as exhibition contract deposit within 5days after receiving invoice. The remaining 50% shall be paid by August 23, 2019.
  • 2. In case exhibitor fails to pay the second payment by the due date, organizer may terminate the exhibition contract. In this case, exhibitor shall have no right to claim refund the participation fee already paid.
  • 3. In case exhibitor defaults in payment of various costs -participation fee, technical assistance, etc.-, organizer may have a lien on exhibitor’s exhibit items until full payments. All lien-related expenses shall be borne by the exhibitor.

ARTICLE 6) Cancellation of exhibition contract by exhibitor

  • 1. In case exhibitor cancels all or part of the exhibition spaces contracted, exhibitor shall immediately inform organizer in writing. In the event that exhibitor fails to use all or part of any spaces after
  • 2. In the event that exhibitor fails to use all or part of any spaces after participation registration and submission of exhibition contract, the exhibitor shall pay following penalty to organizer within 15 days of cancellation. Participation fees already paid shall be taken for the penalty. Should that amount not be sufficient, the difference must be paid. Any excess amount shall be returned.
    • If exhibitor cancels application of the whole space by August 24, 2019, organizer charges the penalty equivalent to 50% of participation fees(booth occupation), and 25% in case of reduction of exhibition spaces.
    • In case that exhibitor cancels application between August 24, 2019 and September 20, 2019, organizer charges the penalty equivalent to 80% of participation fees(booth occupation), and 50% in case of reduction of exhibition spaces.
    • If exhibitor cancels the application after September 20, 2019, organizer charges the penalty equivalent to 100% of participation fees(booth occupation), and 75% in case of reduction of exhibition spaces.
  • 3. Any refunded amount will not bear interest.

ARTICLE 7) Cancellation or changes by organizer

  • 1. In case organizer cancels exhibition event, any and all participation fees already paid shall be refunded. However, Organizers may carry the deposit paid in over to the next exhibition event to the extent that such situation occurred by force majeure or due to any circumstances not within organizer’s control. In this case, exhibitor has no right to claim compensation to organizer for the result of the carry over.

ARTICLE 8) Booth installation and exhibit display

  • 1. Exhibitor shall complete booth Installation, display of exhibit items by the date stipulated by organizer.

ARTICLE 9) Removal of exhibits

  • 1. The removal of every exhibit and the booths must be completed by the date and time stipulated by organizer. Exhibitor shall immediately reimburse organizer against any costs which may be caused by delayed removal.

ARTICLE 10) Security guard, risk responsibility and insurance

  • 1. Organizer shall arrange proper guards stationed in the venue for the interest of security for exhibitors and guests.
  • 2. Exhibitor shall be held fully responsible for any damage incurred to organizer or other parties due to fire, theft, loss or any other accident which the exhibitor has caused by intention or negligence. Exhibitors are also required to subscribe to all risks insurance policy on all exhibits etc..

ARTICLE 11) Fire regulations

  • 1. Materials used and installed in displayed structures shall be properly fireproofed in accordance with the regulations of Korea.
  • 2. If necessary, organizer shall request for correction regarding fire protection law.

ARTICLE 12) Supplementary regulations

  • 1. Organizer can supplement with Exhibitor Regulations in case of need.

ARTICLE 13) Dispute resolution

  • 1. Any dispute arising hereafter between organizer and exhibitor concerning the true construction of this contract shall be settled in accordance with the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board.

Privacy Policy Statement

In case that Participants -exhibitors, visitors, and other concerned parties- acquire personal information through this exhibition, Participants shall observe the Personal Information Protection Law and related laws and regulations.

1. Provision and Purpose of Collecting Personal Information

  • A. Messe K Co., Ltd. Organizer of this exhibition, shall collect and use personal information of Participants for the purpose of establishing and implementing contracts for the provision of services(Identification, Confirmation, etc.), announcing(providing) new services, exhibitions, or events, and managing Participants.
  • B. Organizer advertises a variety of services by e-mail, Short Message Service, and so on, using personal information provided by Participants. In case that Participant do not want it, the Participant shall inform Organizer of its refusal by telephone.
  • C. Organizer shall not use personal information for any other purpose except for Provision and Purpose of Collecting Personal Information or offer it without the concent of Participants.
  • D. Provision of collecting personal information is below.

    Organizer shall collect personal information at a minimum to provide services, but can request additional information if it is necessary. Organizer is provided following information as requirements in case of online application and pre-registration. Other personal information except for below one is optional.

    • Exhibitor(Company): name, company name, position, telephone number, cellular phone number, e-mail
    • Visitor: name, cellular phone number, e-mail
  • E. Organizer must gain concent in case of collecting personal information, and must not collect information having a risk of violating basic human rights -race, native place, ideology, political orientation, criminal record, health condition, etc.- unless Participants’ concent or specific case by law.
  • F. Organizer collects personal information in following ways; web site, telephone, e-mail, online application, online pre-registration, onsite registration card, applying for on/offline event.

2. Retention Period and Duration of Personal Information

In principle, Organizer maintain and use personal information provided by Participants only during the stipulated time. After the whole process and the stipulated time, the information shall be returned or destroyed without any delay.

3. Providing Personal Information with a Third Party and Consignment

  • A. Organizer use personal information of Participants only within the scope of 『Provision and Purpose of Collecting Personal Information』, neither using the information beyond the scope without a prior consent nor providing it to a third party in principle. However, in the following cases shall assume exception:
    • - In case that Participants pre-open their personal information to the public or agree to provide them with a third party.
    • - In accordance with the provisions of laws, or in case that investigator and Korean authorities request personal information for the purpose of investigation or examination.
  • B. Organizer can consign personal information to a thrid party in order to provide improved services.
  • C. Organizer can consign management of personal information to a company operating registration of the exhibition.
  • D. In case of consignment, providing personal information shall be minimum for necessary for providing improved services.
  • E. E. In the following cases that Exibitor is provided personal information, Exibitor shall use it only for introduction of Exibitor’s company and guidance of its product.
    • - In case that Visitor with pass card provides its information
    • - In case that Participant pre-registers on the Exhibition website through a banner of an Exhibitor’s company